Membership secretary

Membership Secretary

A head shot of Iain Millar, Political Education Officer, London Branch SNP

Iain Millar

Why are you involved with the SNP?

Hello, I'm Iain, the membership secretary. I work closely with other branch officers to make sure members feel engaged with the branch, and to encourage new members to join up (tell your friends!). 

I grew up in Falkirk and Edinburgh, but have lived in London most of my adult life. As such I didn't have a vote in the referendum in 2014, but was just about won over after a chance encounter with a Scottish-based academic highlighted the hugely persuasive appeal of civic nationalism, a concept I was unfamiliar with at the time. Then came another referendum – on Brexit – and that was that. I joined the party quite literally ten minutes after hearing the result. 

I believe the only way we can realise a truly progressive society at this stage in history is by breaking away as an independent, forward-thinking nation, in partnership with our European allies.

Please get in touch with any queries and questions via [email protected] and I or one of my colleagues will do our best to answer.