Membership secretary

London Branch membership secretary

Jonathan Spink

Why are you involved with the SNP?

Hello! I’m Jonathan and I am the current London Branch Membership secretary. While I have always voted SNP, I joined the party after the 2016 referendum and became more politically active in London in opposition to Brexit. Back in 2014, I was on the fence about an independent Scotland and actually voted no due to my desire to remain in the EU. I am now a passionate No to Yes voter and am happy to speak to anyone that may be on that same journey at the moment.

I also run the social media and comms for the branch, producing our graphics and content, so if you interact with us @LondonSNP on Twitter or Facebook, you are likely speaking to me!

My involvement with the Branch

I have attended many fantastic events through the London SNP branch. From speaking to Ian Dunt, Stephen Bush or Andrew Wilson, the branch has been able to attract an array of amazing speakers with unique political insights that has immensely benefitted the branch discussions.

The branch has also given me the opportunity to work on policy and through the London SNP branch, I researched and wrote one of our resolutions to conference in 2020 on EU citizens' rights. We are always looking for people to get more involved in policy within the branch so I would recommend anyone interested in doing so to get in touch! Furthermore, attending conference as a member of London SNP is always an enjoyable and unique experience.

Myself and Alyn Smith at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (2018)
Myself and Alyn Smith at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (2018)