Womens Officer

A photo of Susan Martin, Women's Officer, London SNP

Womens Officer


A close-up of Susan Martin, Women's officer, London branch SNP

Susan Martin

Why are you involved with the SNP?

I joined the SNP after the General Election in December 2019. Up until the election, I had been actively involved in the People’s Vote Campaign for a second referendum on Brexit, both leading the Nottingham branch of the campaign and Co-ordinator for the East Midlands Region. After the Conservatives’ win , I decided it was important to support the campaign for Scottish Independence. I believe Scotland should be free to make its own choices. 

My reasons for this are not only has Scotland been taken out of the European Union against its will, but the Brexit chosen by the Westminster government is the most extreme possible and is already having a detrimental impact across our communities. I also have close family  links with Stirling and visit regularly, so it matters to me on a personal level as well as politically what happens in Scotland. 

Having had a career in the Probation Service, I have an understanding of how inequalities can affect life choices. I believe the progressive social democracy promoted by the SNP shows that a different, better way is possible which can deliver opportunities to everyone.

My involvement with the Branch?

Since I became a member of the London Branch, I’ve been a regular attender at branch meetings, including guest speaker events. In  the May 2021 elections, I campaigned with the SNP team in Stirling. It was a great experience, I really enjoyed getting to know local campaigners and candidates, as well as talking to residents.   

I joined the Committee in August 2021. The Women’s Officer role is responsible for improving the gender balance amongst the branch and committee membership. I’m also currently involved in developing a Westminster event for women. We have a crucial role to play in developing the policy and activities of the branch so it would be great to see more women getting involved. The branch is friendly, supportive and welcoming to new members. Branch meetings usually generate lots of discussion as well opportunities to contribute to campaign and policy development. 

I hope you can join us!  If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.