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Anti-Brexit demonstration taking place on the streets of London the 19th of October of 2019

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Further images of London SNP members participating in the pro-EU, anti-Brexit, march in central London in October 2019.

Intro from Branch Convenor

Hello and welcome to the London SNP website. We are an official branch of the Scottish National Party, and we campaign for a fairer and more democratic future for Scotland as an independent country.

We represent SNP members who live predominantly in London and the south east of England. We hold regular branch meetings on a wide range of political topics, fundraise, support campaigning, and hold social events too.

Finlay Royle

Who we are

The SNP is Scotland's largest political party and a party of Government. Centre left and socially democratic.

Upcoming Branch Meetings

A flyer advertising a day of workshops and a ceilidh organised by the London Branch SNP on June 11 2022
11 June

Workshop & Ceilidh

2.00 PM Online

Join Philippa Whitford MP at the Branch summer event with Ceilidh. We plan to have a range of

11 June

Workshop & Ceilidh

2.00 PM Online

Join Philippa Whitford MP at the Branch summer event with Ceilidh. We plan to have a range of

10 May

Billy Kay

7.30PM Online

Billy Kay, weel kent Scottish writer and broadcaster will be our guest speaker in May. Billy will talk

13 April

Anthony Salamone

7.30PM Online

Anthony Salamone,  Founder and Managing Director of European Merchants, the Scottish political analysis firm in Edinburgh, will be our

9 March 2022

Peter Krykant

7.30PM Online

Peter Krykant, Project Lead with the charity Cranstoun, and Board of Trustees member of Release Drugs, will be our

Standing with Scotland

What the Branch does


Branch meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We have regular guest speakers.


Over many decades the Branch has raised thousands of pounds for the Party and the Scottish independence cause.


Branch members play an active role in campaigning for the Party and for Scottish independence.

Social events

In amongst the campaigning we still like to meet to have some fun. The Branch has organised many social events.

Policy development

Policy development is an important part of our activities. We have submitted several motions to Party conference.


SNP COLLEGE is our comprehensive education programme that will enhance your membership and boost your participation in the Party

Donate to the SNP

Your donation will help to:

  • Fund the SNP's campaigning activities. 
  • Shape our nation's future success. 
  • Maintain the momentum towards Scottish independence.

If you would like to donate to the SNP please check our main website

Donate to the SNP

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