Policy development

Policy development

Gordon Millar in the GE Aberdeen Conference 2019

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The main roles of the Branch Political Education Officer can be summarised as:

Ensuring that branch members and activists are kept up to date with party policy
Developing political debate amongst branch members
Encouraging branch members to consider putting forward resolutions or amendments to resolutions for debate at the National Conference

My interest in policy development probably stems from my time with a “Big 4" accountancy firm, when I was involved in budget and pre-budget presentations, trying to predict and explain changes in tax policy.

I believe that the PEO role is particularly important in London Branch as it provides a route for expatriate Scots to participate actively in the development of SNP policy. My personal experience was that being encouraged to generate and develop ideas for policy resolutions, with the possibility of speaking at the Party Conference, helped me feel more fully involved in both the Branch and the Independence movement.

Over the last two years, with the encouragement of the Branch Committee, I have been building up the PEO role with a view to making the best use of London Branch's resources, increasing the visibility of the branch and connecting with other branches.

Gordon Millar
Political Education Officer