Finlay Royle

Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @finlay_1980

Why are you involved with the SNP?

The outcome of the Brexit referendum made me realise that nothing in politics or life can be taken for granted. The years that have followed have only reinforced within me why Scotland can’t trust the broken promises of Westminster politicians, and why it needs to pursue a different path. 

However, we cannot escape the fact that decisions that affect Scotland are made in Westminster, by governments the people of Scotland do not vote for. Successive Westminster governments of all hues have failed the people of Scotland, and the gap between the have’s and have not’s in our society continues to widen.

The economic, cultural and social damage that Brexit is wreaking is the last straw, and Scotland needs to set a different course to fix the problems that are holding us back.

My involvement with the Branch

The Convenor role exists to provide leadership for the branch, chair meetings and to support committee and other members in effective running of the branch.  I’m always happy to hear from members, and can be contacted through the branch email address, or on social media (my DMs are open).

I’ve found it very easy to get involved, and I would encourage others to do so. It’s a rewarding and fun experience, and you don’t need any particular experience or skill set to get involved.

Hope to meet you at an event soon!