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We welcome Peter Jukes and Hardeep Matharu from Byline Times. The topic under discussion is ‘the need for new

Wylie Horn 04/02/2023

Yes London is part of the pro-Scottish Independence movement, 'Yes Scotland' (http://www.yes.scot) and we are pleased to bring together

Ashli Hollister 25/10/2022

The branch is proud to be taking part in the Pride in London parade again this year. We will

Wylie Horn 19/06/2022

We are delighted that Anum Qaisar MP has agreed to join us at the Branch summer event with Ceilidh.

Wylie Horn 22/05/2022

Billy Kay, weel kent Scottish writer and broadcaster will be our guest speaker in May. Billy will talk about

Wylie Horn 04/04/2022

Anthony Salamone,  Founder and Managing Director of European Merchants, the Scottish political analysis firm in Edinburgh, will be our guest

Wylie Horn 02/04/2022

Peter Krykant, Project Lead with the charity Cranstoun, and Board of Trustees member of Release Drugs, will be our guest

Wylie Horn 12/01/2022

Jeane Freeman –  will be our guest reflecting on her lifetime in politics, her time as a Member of

Wylie Horn 10/01/2022

We are starting the year with a fun filled night of New Year entertainment on the 26th of January at

Wylie Horn 04/01/2022