Scotland’s Future: England’s Future

Scotland’s Future: England’s Future

Yes London is part of the pro-Scottish Independence movement, 'Yes Scotland' ( and we are pleased to bring together a range of voices from across England and Scotland to share their views on:

  • – Why a second independence referendum matters
  • – The need for democratic reform at Westminster
  • – The case for English self-determination
  • – The impact of Brexit on UK politics
  • – Future relations between the nations of the UK and beyond

Join Professor Anthony C Grayling, Gavin Esler, Jemma Forte, Alyn Smith MP as we discuss the issues facing the UK as we approach a crossroads for our future.



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Scotland’s Future: England’s Future

Date: 07 November

Start Time: 7.00PM

Location: Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ